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[Kojido's Sip This] Remember ...
by Ed_Kojido
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Wed, Apr 26, 2006 @ 1:56 AM
This upload might be Not Safe For Work

Uses samples from:

permalink   Wed, Apr 26, 2006 @ 2:27 AM
Good stuff. The only thing annoying is that harmonica thingy, but that’s just nitpicky. I really like the backing here. Great old school bass and drums. What synths are those?
permalink   Wed, Apr 26, 2006 @ 2:22 PM
This is wicked. My new favorite FM mix.
lo tag blanco
permalink   Wed, Apr 26, 2006 @ 4:20 PM
this is a really talented mix. wide out and open. nice.
permalink   Fri, May 5, 2006 @ 8:17 AM
I actually love the melodica thing. It reminds me of my favourite GORILLAZ song “Tomorrow Comes Today”. There’s a great groove to this track!