Branching Out Secret Mixter Sign Ups

Reviews left by teru

Mon, Nov 17 8:45 AM teru review of Tiramisu Soup by Briareus
Thanks for this. Very understated and mixed so well. It took multiple listen...
Sun, Nov 16 8:34 PM teru review of Maisie's Dream by gurdonark
Very, very nice. And good investigative work on the name. : )
Sun, Nov 16 11:32 AM teru review of I And I by Alex
Nice one Alex. Great track.
Sun, Nov 16 10:41 AM teru review of Disko Halo by MC Jack in the Box
Wooo. Many (or lower case "d" if you're Old School) for the cool music man in t...
Sun, Nov 16 9:34 AM teru review of One Sound by Snowflake
Ahhhhhh.... My kind of music. An amazing result from a Secret Mixter. With...
Sun, Nov 16 9:17 AM teru review of Unmasked by ScOmBer
Sweet. Enjoying a morning coffee with the Secret Mixter playlist today. Needed a...
Tue, Dec 1 11:18 AM teru review of October by ditto ditto
Love this. It's perfect. :)
Thu, Nov 5 5:01 PM teru review of Floating Shells by The Suit, Inc.
Very, very nice job. Great track.
Thu, Nov 5 3:01 PM teru review of The LibraryOwl MegaMix by Boodah_Toade
Cool journey. Loved hearing all those samples. That eye is really freaking m...
Thu, Nov 5 2:40 PM teru review of I'm on to You (First Snow in Mitte Mix) by Aamu
^ Hektor T. nailed it with dark and classy. Add to that hypnotic and catchy....
Thu, Nov 5 2:25 PM teru review of Ancient Desert Snowflake by Colin Mutchler
This is beautiful. You definitely have a great feel for music. Whether singi...
Wed, Nov 4 12:20 PM teru review of Troubled Mine by mykleanthony
Wholy holy. Beautifully done.
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