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Reviews left by thelaw

Sun, Sep 25 7:47 PM thelaw review of MicroHouse by Cezary Ostrowski
Those snarish hits pelt my psyche! The song is interesting from end to end, chan...
Sun, Sep 25 7:42 PM thelaw review of Quant La Doulce Jouvencelle The dirty water mix by J.Lang
I really like how this song keeps the same feel throughout while shifting throug...
Sun, Sep 25 7:38 PM thelaw review of Girl Supergirl LatenightDanceMix by J.Lang
Love the beat on this. I like the way the lyrics float over your beat. For some ...
Thu, Sep 22 5:31 PM thelaw review of Sumarezinho Underground by TRZ
Sorry it took me so long to comment, this track is seriously hip. Great remix of...
Wed, May 11 8:50 PM thelaw review of When I Look Into Her Eyes by Falik
Wow! I really dig this, gonna try and mix your stuff right away!
Thu, Apr 28 4:48 PM thelaw review of Remain (Zero Mix) by Aamu
This is simply awesome. I love the feel of the song and the steady throbbing of ...
Thu, Apr 28 4:45 PM thelaw review of Go go go by Cezary Ostrowski
Great work with the source material. Very interesting transformation.
Mon, Apr 4 1:13 PM thelaw review of Language of My Reality by Tomas PhUsIoN
Nice work! I concur on the spoken word thing. Your background is nice and funky ...
Sun, Apr 3 6:44 PM thelaw review of No Meaning No (DJ Tripp No Jazz Dub Mix) by DJ Tripp
Tasty - I like your use of the vocal samples.
Sun, Apr 3 6:42 PM thelaw review of Black Atlantic by LAVOURA ELETRO
Very groovy! Great work with the guitars.
Fri, Apr 1 1:39 PM thelaw review of Funky Dunky (Blade Runner Edition) a capellas by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
Man your voice is tight - this and the acappella rap are are my favorite spoken ...
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