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Reviews left by Pitx

Mon, Jul 13 1:42 PM Pitx review of On Your Grave by wellman
Nothing is superfluous and nothing is lacking in this mix. The strings in the mi...
Mon, Jul 13 1:35 PM Pitx review of You Are (DiscoFunk Song) by SuperslyX
Wed, Jul 1 11:28 AM Pitx review of Back On It Drum Loop by duckett
In the pocket!
Wed, Jul 1 7:20 AM Pitx review of Black Rainbow - n9 mix by narva9
Pitx loves n9
Sat, Jun 27 2:49 PM Pitx review of Rain Falls Soft by Don Meyer
Thanks for the enjoy of listening this work.
Sat, Jun 27 8:22 AM Pitx review of Static Attraction (It's Shocking!) by rustyjam
Just say that this is outstanding The end of the song is like a cake's sour che...
Sat, Jun 27 8:19 AM Pitx review of Don't get it twisted by DJ.E-State
Love the way you transform the guitars to give the mix that mysterious ambiance....
Sat, Jun 27 8:07 AM Pitx review of Larger than Life by radiotimes
Sat, Jun 27 8:04 AM Pitx review of Tonight (I'm spinning around) by ScOmBer
Scomber, the all-terrain vehicle.
Sat, Jun 20 2:08 PM Pitx review of No Comfort in the Garden by Fireproof_Babies
An example of how real instruments still have a lot to say... BTW, are still ...
Fri, Jun 19 10:21 AM Pitx review of Big Dog Small Bowl by radiotimes
Thanks for making me happy. I could't expect this result from the sample. Your v...
Wed, Jun 17 11:15 AM Pitx review of black and white (dogmix) by oldDog
Excellent. I really enjoy this song. IMO, a candidate for ed. pick.
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