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Reviews left by Pitx

Sat, Mar 7 12:43 AM Pitx review of Hopeful after Hospital by Fireproof_Babies
Thanks for remixing. I miss some of those drums you usually play. The best wish...
Sun, Feb 22 2:33 AM Pitx review of Forest room by Morusque
Hello, this is Pitx, and I'm a fan of Morusque :)
Sun, Feb 22 2:29 AM Pitx review of Grinding Blues by Admiral Bob
Is the pella available?
Fri, Feb 20 1:47 PM Pitx review of Miss Her One More day by Loveshadow
Fri, Feb 20 1:31 PM Pitx review of Why is Panu sitting in our kitchen? by radiotimes
With this mix my winter is now shorter. Thanks for your work.
Sat, Jan 31 1:31 PM Pitx review of CALI by Alex
Mon, Jan 19 7:47 AM Pitx review of Goodbye War, Hello Peace by teru
...and emotive
Mon, Jan 19 7:43 AM Pitx review of Maroon Sedans, Earpieces, Sunglasses by Calling Sister Midnight
Strange mix that keep me listening. I like the bass (simple and effective). Th...
Sun, Jan 18 9:57 AM Pitx review of Salty, Nascent, Just For Me by Scott Altham
I love this!!
Sun, Jan 18 9:49 AM Pitx review of Don't Get It Twisted by Alex
An outstanding dress for Forensic pella
Thu, Jan 15 10:46 AM Pitx review of Beyond The Dunes by Sawtooth
A well-balanced work. I like the way you mix the different timbres of the sounds...
Wed, Jan 14 10:36 AM Pitx review of Remix Satisfaction (Criminal Attraction) by ScOmBer
WOW! I've lost the few hair I have :-)
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