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Sat, Jan 10 2:48 PM Pitx review of Curious Mando by Speck
I like the portrait of the mando.
Sun, Dec 7 2:16 PM Pitx review of Django loves Sybil Smith by copperhead
Ooh la lá!
Sun, Dec 7 1:55 PM Pitx review of Emelia Sleeps by Loveshadow
For and half years. I must apologize for not seeing this creation when it was ma...
Mon, Nov 24 10:49 AM Pitx review of Kokokur by texasradiofish
An excellent suit for kokokur. Thank you
Wed, Nov 19 12:45 PM Pitx review of The Next Level by duckett
Excellent. From 0:46 to the end, awesome.
Wed, Sep 12 9:30 AM Pitx review of Out of Step (stems) by Ass Over Tea Kettle
Hi! :)
Mon, Mar 5 9:27 AM Pitx review of With Love by Stephen Fewell
Mon, Mar 5 9:25 AM Pitx review of Spinning In A Spiral by Speck
I love to be specktizated (my samples, not me) :-)
Sat, Feb 25 11:21 AM Pitx review of Prisma en el éter (Prism in the eter) by El_pecado_de_Teseo
Seguro que a John le hubiera gustado oir Prisma en el eter. Aqui en ccmixter hay...
Sat, Feb 25 10:54 AM Pitx review of Tune of the Unknown Soldier by MC Jack in the Box
I like this mix . Thanks for using the sample.
Sat, Feb 18 5:46 AM Pitx review of Konsum by vate
Much more than a sample collection Thanks for sharing
Wed, Dec 21 7:16 AM Pitx review of Sixty Beans by Speck
Reminds me some things of Weather Report Fine work like always.
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