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Sat, Jan 3 9:02 AM Pitx review of Majeek. 2009 by Loveshadow
With this, you have hit the nail on the head. I also desire to you a tremendous...
Mon, Dec 22 2:28 AM Pitx review of Myxtery - Tell us edition by narva9
Thanks. A pretty and emotive text. The warm place that sprung you up is Sevilla....
Mon, Nov 10 8:42 AM Pitx review of Making Me Nervous by MC Jack in the Box
Better than a vintage Brad, a vintage MC... You've pass Victor, you're making h...
Sat, Nov 8 1:28 PM Pitx review of Funk #2 by billraydrums
Love the stuff you uploaded!! Thanks for sharing.
Sat, Nov 8 1:15 PM Pitx review of The Cost of the Soldier and His Shadow by radiotimes
I've missed this. I like it a lot
Sat, Nov 8 8:04 AM Pitx review of MsKite x2 (Angry Young Woman Mixes) by ScOmBer
Thank you for the beetles (and the crickets) :-) (Waiting for more insects :-))...
Sat, Nov 8 7:50 AM Pitx review of Shame (modest mix) by Morusque
What i like more of your stuff is the way that you domesticate the sounds-noises...
Sat, Nov 8 7:37 AM Pitx review of Wired but Disconnected (Dylan's lament) by ScOmBer
When somebody uses a sample that I've uploaded I feel happy but the most satisfa...
Wed, Oct 29 9:32 AM Pitx review of Wired But Disconnected by duckett
I'm proud of being part of this work!! I envy that voice. I like also the techn...
Mon, Oct 27 7:54 AM Pitx review of Obama (The world is in your hands) by ScOmBer
Cooking... Scomber the chef has made a great mix! I like the guitar solo.
Sun, Oct 26 3:39 AM Pitx review of Bad Attraction (Very Angry Young Man Mix) by ScOmBer
Nice work!! I like the winks to beatles strings arrangements.
Sun, Oct 26 3:21 AM Pitx review of The Funk is Up by MC Jack in the Box
Vintage up. Beautiful, cool, , really enjoyable. Too short (snif).
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