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Wed, Jul 23 3:01 PM Pitx review of Zero Point Zero by acid42
Although I've never made this kind of music I found it interesting. Thanks for u...
Wed, Jul 23 2:44 PM Pitx review of Big Fish (Collision mix) by duckett
I've enjoyed this good work. A tasty salad :-)
Tue, Jul 22 1:18 PM Pitx review of Moors In The City of Light (Drunken Housewife Mix) by Kaer Trouz
Didn't hear this until today because i've been in vacations. It has been a great...
Sat, Jul 5 3:49 AM Pitx review of Wild and Cool by murat ses
I like how you catch the hypnotism, rytmhs and harmonies of this kind of music. ...
Fri, Jul 4 12:28 PM Pitx review of Chapped Lips (But still available for kissing) by radiotimes
Don't know what to say except that I like it and a joke: A sax player dies an...
Thu, Jul 3 10:49 AM Pitx review of Loveshadows Safety Guide To the Online Remix, remix by teru
Here are the guidelines and safety instruction for creating a remix. : ) In you...
Fri, Jun 27 11:06 AM Pitx review of Grundgy Glitchy Anchor Rock by radiotimes
Summer's nigths, some beers and this mix :-).
Sun, Jun 22 1:02 AM Pitx review of Unplugged and Out of It by MC Jack in the Box
Simply a song, and that's its virtue. I imagine this in the night, in a beach, w...
Tue, Jun 17 2:18 PM Pitx review of Szerelem Szerelem (Love remix) by duckett
You have achieved a very evocative mix, very respectful with the voices that sou...
Fri, Jun 13 10:43 AM Pitx review of tired of you by grapes
You've fit the elements in a way that i like a lot. Good work, included the mous...
Wed, Jun 11 10:11 AM Pitx review of Chlorophyll by frompast0
Good work! I like it.
Fri, Jun 6 5:28 AM Pitx review of Overboard by MC Jack in the Box
Pretty. I like your arrangements, specially at the end where there aren't drums.
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