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Sat, Oct 18 5:59 AM Pitx review of Thinking of You by MC Jack in the Box
Many times i have tried to mix KC but the results weren't good for me. Newly, he...
Sat, Oct 18 5:49 AM Pitx review of Bone Bed by Fireproof_Babies
Sure that this mix has generated tons of entropy :) Your image is the WMAP, isn...
Wed, Oct 15 8:22 AM Pitx review of Mixed Colors by mullion
Good work!. There's a surprise behind each strophe.
Thu, Oct 9 9:58 AM Pitx review of Ashes on the River by radiotimes
Apparently easy and that's its difficulty . The arrangement goes well with the n...
Sat, Oct 4 1:18 AM Pitx review of Summer Glau - triple mash by teru
Wed, Oct 1 10:40 AM Pitx review of Jar hut by Morusque
I like the ethnic treatment and the experimental touch that has this mix. I thin...
Mon, Sep 29 8:23 AM Pitx review of shame remix by xlmusicman
I feel the good work behind this mix. Wellcome to ccM
Mon, Sep 29 8:04 AM Pitx review of Blowin Smoke by MC Jack in the Box
It's a shame that i don't understand the lyrics, it sounds pretty. BTW, the fir...
Tue, Sep 16 1:16 PM Pitx review of Bella's Song (Eternally Yours mix) by duckett
Really nice. I've been 100% happy listening this.
Wed, Sep 10 8:06 AM Pitx review of Belgian Waffle by Kirkoid
This mix hooks! Could you upload the drums?
Tue, Sep 2 7:24 AM Pitx review of Android Girlfriend by teru
Tue, Aug 26 3:19 AM Pitx review of Our Slanted Voices by DoKashiteru
I like the easy-listening thing of this.
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