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Mon, Dec 12 3:33 AM Pitx review of Ghosts Of Lees by Kaer Trouz
Glad to see/hear you again.
Sat, Dec 3 3:04 PM Pitx review of Real Good Day by Calling Sister Midnight
I agree with colab. This is a the best dress for this guitar. Thanks for being s...
Thu, Nov 24 10:46 AM Pitx review of Another Fall by Jeris
A very good mix. Thanks for your work.
Thu, Nov 24 10:45 AM Pitx review of Simple by unreal_dm
Thanks for give ample wings to the simple sample :)
Sat, Nov 12 8:20 AM Pitx review of i will touch the sky by septahelix
It's curious how the inspiration goes in unexpected ways. Black Rainbow and Thin...
Tue, Nov 8 10:37 AM Pitx review of Thing For Itself by unreal_dm
The thing has grown beautiful and elegant. Thank you
Sat, Oct 23 4:29 AM Pitx review of Thinkin' About It - Side B by Carosone
Thanks for this mix. For me, an unexpected use of the guitar. Very recommendable...
Mon, Oct 18 10:03 AM Pitx review of Expiration Date by Fireproof_Babies
A very delightful song for my ears . The drums, will you share them? Please,...
Sat, Sep 25 9:11 AM Pitx review of Too Slide 4 Wiggle Room by texasradiofish
988 's up
Sat, Sep 18 8:15 AM Pitx review of Goodbye (the angry mix) by Admiral Bob
Abbey Road !!
Mon, Mar 1 8:30 AM Pitx review of Wild Unbeaten Heart (Kirkoid Mix) by Kirkoid
If somebody writes a book titled "how to use samples to make a mix" this one sho...
Fri, Feb 26 9:19 AM Pitx review of Cafe Negro (Acapella) by HEKTOR THILLET (coffeeeurope)
Qué bonito. Me encanta la metáfora.
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