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Reviews left by magmavander

Thu, Dec 29 2:04 PM magmavander review of Overreacting by Stefan Kartenberg
Instant classic!! :)
Thu, Dec 29 1:56 PM magmavander review of Sirens by Dan_Mantau
Very cool!!
Tue, Oct 11 1:37 PM magmavander review of You Don't Get In Touch Anymore(Instrumental) by Alex
What a wonderful trip! It has some soundtrack feel. It grabs you immediately til...
Sun, Oct 9 8:23 AM magmavander review of The Third Hand by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
You always add a "magic touch" with your bass :) Dreamy mood.
Sun, Oct 9 8:17 AM magmavander review of Something Special by texasradiofish
Oh yeah, a remix of Songboy3 by texas, I cant miss that :) Fantastic arrangement...
Sun, Oct 9 8:12 AM magmavander review of N°11_ Stranger Things_ by Bluemillenium
C'est excellent ça :) Très Berlin/moroder!! To listen in a car, by night and o...
Sun, Oct 9 8:08 AM magmavander review of Ghost's Lullaby by Robbero
Oh wow!! This is perfect for today : sunny, warm with a little bit of wind and p...
Sun, Oct 9 7:53 AM magmavander review of While U Sleep by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Love it!! The bass and the guitar works very well together. Superchill, with a l...
Sun, Oct 9 7:36 AM magmavander review of Rekonstrakt feat. Kara Square by dydjej_inja
Very chill remix of this great vocal. I have remixed it too and it's always inte...
Sun, Oct 9 7:15 AM magmavander review of Clinton & Trump grab 'em by the pussy by texasradiofish
Funny little one. I like the reggae mood. Donary Clintrump stinks :)
Sun, Oct 9 7:10 AM magmavander review of Forgiven For Now by Speck
Really cool :) In some place it have a beatles psychedelic's flavor!
Tue, May 24 10:53 AM magmavander review of You're Loving Me Wrong by texasradiofish
Ho My... Awesome work. That's funky like hell. Nice sounding btw!!
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