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Sat, Aug 31 5:43 AM magmavander review of MMTMMP 25 Star Gazing in the Moonlight by Mind Map That Music Map Podcast
thanks a lot for being blessed :-D
Mon, Aug 26 4:09 PM magmavander review of Flying Away by charlie_charles
Perfect for closing eyes and dreaming. The backtrack is so cool :) Great stuff.
Mon, Aug 26 4:03 PM magmavander review of fragmentedReality by airtone
We can call this 'litterary music' no ? It's an excellent song, it has a smooth ...
Mon, Aug 26 3:58 PM magmavander review of Super$tar by ScOmBer
Ah cool, long time I didnt listen to heavy funk rock :) Fantastic producer's wor...
Mon, Aug 26 3:50 PM magmavander review of Money On My Mind by Alex
Oh my god, what a wonderful intro :) I was surprised by the rap, I was expecting...
Mon, Aug 26 3:46 PM magmavander review of Lonely Moonlight by CSoul
Electronic hippy is making acidic musical experience. What ? The world mushroom ...
Mon, Aug 26 3:40 PM magmavander review of That's All Just That by Speck
What an imaginative experience we can have with this magical and funny trip. Th...
Mon, Aug 26 3:35 PM magmavander review of Super Rich by Alex
ah yes! I like it :) I always liked mixing together very different styles. Often...
Fri, Jul 19 5:38 AM magmavander review of The White Cube by Doxent Zsigmond
Yeah, another White Cube remix :) Haunted, mysterious, deep... Superb!!
Fri, Jul 19 5:34 AM magmavander review of Black Swan by ScOmBer
Cool!! Very well done. Great pella btw, I didnt know it :) Thanks!!
Thu, Jul 18 4:01 PM magmavander review of Ordinary People (Robbero remix) by Robbero
Wow, so dark, disturbing voice, heavy beat. Unusual blend of styles. Unique in a...
Thu, Jul 18 3:56 PM magmavander review of STILL BROKEN by THE_CONCEPT_OF_ENERGY
Very good track. I enjoyed a lot. The differents rythmic sections add a lot. The...
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