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Reviews left by magmavander

Mon, May 14 2:10 PM magmavander review of Em100-RepeatOffender by Javolenus
The riff works perfectly with robert's song. It gives more intensity to the pell...
Mon, May 14 2:04 PM magmavander review of Left Side Brain Jazz by starfrosch
Wow! I like that. Kind of very structured free jazz, if that makes sense :) Mayb...
Sun, Apr 22 1:37 PM magmavander review of Snowfall(mix) by @nop
It could be an excellent soundtrack for a movie. It has a strong dramatic feel. ...
Sun, Apr 22 1:31 PM magmavander review of It's You I'll Miss by Jeris
I like how it swings without drums, groovy! Very beautiful jazz piece for the su...
Sun, Apr 22 1:15 PM magmavander review of Running in circles by Robert Anthony Ruzzo
Trippy!! Superb improvisations and freedom of all instruments.
Sun, Apr 22 1:11 PM magmavander review of We found each other by Fringe Kollective
I love that! What a powerful, deep and strong backtrack. Fits so perfectly with ...
Sun, Apr 22 1:08 PM magmavander review of Twin Souls by Jeris
Wow! Very cool track :) It has some JJ Cale feel sometimes, well a bit harder. T...
Sat, Apr 21 4:46 PM magmavander review of Ceremonial Meeting on the Highway by texasradiofish
As always, I'm blown away by your music :) The kind of stuff that makes me wanna...
Sat, Apr 21 4:30 PM magmavander review of Heart Stopping Lies. by unreal_dm
Great work. Top arrangement and production. A pleasure to listen :)
Tue, Apr 17 12:38 PM magmavander review of Fading Things by Zep Hurme
Great remix! So intense and creative... Thanks!
Tue, Feb 14 7:05 AM magmavander review of MMTMMP 6 Ho Ho Ho Happy New Year by Mind Map That Music Map Podcast
uh, how did I miss that ?... Thanks to include my material
Sat, Feb 11 3:02 PM magmavander review of Kind of Girl (Chocolate Box Mix) by spinningmerkaba
omg! You made the song complete You add a lot of soul, of feelings. Melodicaly...
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