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Reviews left by magmavander

Sat, Jan 20 5:15 AM magmavander review of La mort du serpent by Bluemillenium
Salut frenchy :) J'avais loupé celui là, désolé, mais je suis moins passé ...
Sat, Aug 5 12:53 PM magmavander review of 6.6.6 by Robbero
Thanks!! intense ambience, your brass/horn riff is a superb idea. Great arrangem...
Mon, Apr 10 3:55 AM magmavander review of Who are you? (ft. Kara Square, magmavander & Surveillance Party) by robwalkerpoet
Again, and again, thanks Rob :) I am very glad that you use my mixes here. I e...
Tue, Apr 4 10:45 AM magmavander review of Real Sky Lie (ft. Magmavander) by robwalkerpoet
Hey Rob, thanks again for remix me :) You should push the volume of your adds up...
Wed, Mar 15 10:41 AM magmavander review of Winter sonnets (ft. Javolenus & Magmavander) by robwalkerpoet
Hey thanks to use my version :) The javo's text inspires me a lot to write theso...
Sun, Feb 5 10:41 AM magmavander review of The Light Inside by Stefan Kartenberg
Wow!! I feel relaxed while listening. Great prod ;)
Sun, Feb 5 10:40 AM magmavander review of Neighborhood Girl by texasradiofish
Fantastic production work... I am amazed by your skills. Bravo :)
Sun, Feb 5 10:36 AM magmavander review of Anywhere, Everywhere - Kara Square and Piero Peluche by Piero Peluche
Great backtrack which underlines very well the mood of the pella. A lot of inter...
Sun, Feb 5 10:34 AM magmavander review of In The Key Of Love by Speck
I always feel excited when I see a song from you because I know you'll blow me. ...
Sun, Feb 5 10:25 AM magmavander review of Recommencer Toi et moi by Bluemillenium
Bravo!! Quelle belle atmosphère :) Excellent travail artistique!! Merci ;)
Thu, Dec 29 2:12 PM magmavander review of Making Monkeys (G minor) by Bluemillenium
Great version, soulful and bluesy :)
Thu, Dec 29 2:07 PM magmavander review of Love Is by @nop
Superb! I enjoyed it :) Have a 70's modern jazz feel. Excellent.
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