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Reviews left by magmavander

Sat, Oct 18 4:58 PM magmavander review of Where You are Now by CSoul
Superb atmosphere you created here! Crazy stuff ;)
Sat, Oct 18 4:55 PM magmavander review of Why Do I? by Admiral Bob
Ah great. An enchantress song :) Magic!
Tue, Jul 8 10:10 AM magmavander review of Glass Moonlight by Skill_Borrower
How did I miss this one ? What a wonderful atmosphere. Very beautiful, I can ima...
Thu, Apr 3 5:35 AM magmavander review of Tatra Mountain Bliss by Doxent Zsigmond
In some place I have the same feeling that I have while I listen to 'Peer Gynt" ...
Thu, Apr 3 5:25 AM magmavander review of Light Up The Torch by phildann
Excellent! I enjoyed the listening :) I liked the contrast between the 'syntheti...
Thu, Apr 3 5:16 AM magmavander review of Here Comes the Light by Pegasus
Very good arrangements, sophisticated but enough discrete to put the vocal in fr...
Thu, Apr 3 3:40 AM magmavander review of Fine Print (Prod. by Robbero) by Robbero
I agree with Pegasus :) Very original way you choose. I enjoyed the listen!!
Wed, Apr 2 4:01 PM magmavander review of Close to Mike jazz mix (ft. oldDog) by CiggiBurns
Oh la la!! Merveilleux :) Du velours dans du satin...
Mon, Feb 10 12:32 PM magmavander review of In a Box - Snowflake (smiling cynic remix) by smilingcynic
Simple but beautiful. I enjoyed every second. Thanks!!
Mon, Feb 10 12:16 PM magmavander review of InsideOut by Alex
ah ah!! long time I havent listening to some great and pure rock, with such an e...
Mon, Feb 10 11:23 AM magmavander review of Sometimes A Man by Speck
Me like it :) Superb!!
Mon, Feb 10 11:21 AM magmavander review of After Angelica (Ain't the way it's supposed to be) by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Very cool mood... I agree about the candle idea :) This evening it's raining her...
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