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Reviews left by magmavander

Fri, Dec 30 2:10 PM magmavander review of Loaded with Vitriol by CSoul
Wow! It's like the Jeffeson Airplane meet Nirvana. Wild Things :)
Fri, Dec 30 2:06 PM magmavander review of Favorite Photograph (Then and now) by TheDICE
Cool, reminds me Blondie and all that 80's rock. An enjoyable listening :)
Fri, Dec 30 2:03 PM magmavander review of experience by GREGUBIS
Impressive atmosphere. Sober backtrack but full of subtle details. Liked the fx ...
Tue, Dec 20 1:41 PM magmavander review of True Dream by Steven M Bryant
Excellent! Great guitar. Sweet laidback feel :)
Tue, Dec 20 1:37 PM magmavander review of walking alone into a strange metal by mutagene
Wow! This is absolutely great. So mysterious and so deeeeeep. Very high artistic...
Tue, Dec 20 1:33 PM magmavander review of Ghosts of Lees by unreal_dm
Cool backing track, very easy, makes you feel quiet and relaxed :)
Tue, Dec 20 1:30 PM magmavander review of Angels We Have Heard on High by texasradiofish
Makes me miss some snow where I live :) I've seen bright little stars floating a...
Mon, Dec 19 8:05 AM magmavander review of New Ways by CSoul
Excellent mix again. It's amazing how you put all that together. This one is ver...
Thu, Dec 15 1:05 PM magmavander review of Quest for the Celestial Dinosaur by Super_Sigil
Excellent dreaming machine :) Spacey trip. This is an audio mandala!
Thu, Dec 15 1:03 PM magmavander review of Repeat Offender Ft. Robert Warrington by coruscate
I love that atmosphere you created. Very addictive. Deep.
Thu, Dec 15 12:50 PM magmavander review of Easy Killer by salvatore_j
Yes! Great remix! It's always amazing to see how an acapella can be so inspirati...
Thu, Dec 15 12:47 PM magmavander review of Happy Birth Day MMT by CSoul
So : Happy Birthday!! I enjoyed a lot this surrealistic Xmas anthem :D Amazing c...
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