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Wed, Oct 25 9:23 AM KCentric review of MARTINI MADNESS by DJ BLUE
NICE vibe man! I like your sound alot DJBLUE! Really cool stuff on your ...
Mon, Oct 23 11:35 AM KCentric review of Who? (The Mix Pack Experience) by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
Pat Chilla is the Real Dealla! I LOVE IT!!!! Now go take a nap dude...
Fri, Oct 6 5:25 PM KCentric review of ( minimal secret # 9 ) by cdk
There is nothing minimal at all about this track 5 stars dude:)
Fri, Oct 6 3:27 PM KCentric review of es tarde (n.pref remix) by norelpref
Great guitar work on this song. You are very gifted.
Fri, Oct 6 2:11 PM KCentric review of In My Dreams - by teru
I'm really diggin this one Teru! Nice blend of elements everything fits beau...
Thu, Oct 5 2:54 PM KCentric review of Hip Hop For Dummies-SUCKER FREE MIX by J.Lang
I like my hip-hop sucker free 2 bro! thx 4 takin out the time to remix me. ...
Wed, Sep 27 2:59 PM KCentric review of Unanchored by Onslo Pigg
This have a very cinematic feel too it. Hypnotic and intoxicating...
Thu, Sep 21 5:27 PM KCentric review of I'm not hearing U by paniq
I like this track alot paniq! Great funky synth vibe on this one too. We...
Sun, Sep 17 9:54 AM KCentric review of sevenhundredbeats by duncan_beattie
A melodic free flowing and abstract instrumental. Great Work Duncan!
Sun, Sep 17 9:48 AM KCentric review of Brad and Chuck by MC Jack in the Box
One of the best hip-hop tracks here! Great combination = HOTNESS I LOVE I...
Wed, Aug 30 7:17 AM KCentric review of Brilliant by teru
That's why I dig this place... Nice Work Teru;)
Mon, Aug 28 7:18 AM KCentric review of Remember the Name (Mo's mix) instrumental by Mo
I really like the instrumental alot!
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