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Sun, Mar 18 6:26 PM KCentric review of soofficial remix by duckett
Grimy, mechanical and funky.... Like a hip-hop robot :) I digs thx -k
Sat, Mar 17 7:00 PM KCentric review of "Talk to me" (Sub-hop Remix) by cdk
That's hot dude! U gave it an ambient and soulful vibe... COOL! I gotta ...
Thu, Mar 15 1:09 PM KCentric review of Bored on Your Backside by Trifonic
Mon, Mar 12 4:17 PM KCentric review of One Night (cdk light mix) by cdk
Always enjoyable... cdk
Mon, Mar 12 7:49 AM KCentric review of Just One Night-Late Night Mix by J.Lang
Simply gorgeous J.Lang!!! I really love the melody on this track. It has a J....
Sat, Mar 10 10:05 PM KCentric review of Hip Hop for Dummies (sync-oh-pation mix) by misterC
Cool work misterC! I like how ya freaked the vocals.. The track is pretty ...
Fri, Mar 2 10:06 PM KCentric review of so official FORENSIC STYLE by FORENSIC
Oh yeah I lke this 4nsic!!! Very cool synths on this one too. When I'm in ...
Thu, Mar 1 7:41 AM KCentric review of Surreal in Vienna by _ghost
Brilliant work! 5 STARS
Thu, Mar 1 7:35 AM KCentric review of Work Out Fine (remix) by ditto ditto
Wow ditto I love your sound... Very nice track! -k
Thu, Mar 1 7:31 AM KCentric review of Te amare (SilviaO Dry Mix) by SilviaO
Beautiful indeed.... a great start to my day. We miss you SilviaO :) Keep on...
Thu, Mar 1 7:23 AM KCentric review of so - official by samc661
Definitely a southern club banger! Do me a favor and readjust the timing on t...
Sat, Feb 24 10:36 AM KCentric review of Hip Hop for Dummies (Flex Barker Remix ) by Tobias ( Flex Barker )
I like this one alot TK! Thx for the love... keep listening. -k
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