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Reviews left by KCentric

Sun, Oct 14 3:20 PM KCentric review of Handz in the Air fireproof live instrument treatment by Fireproof_Babies
I envision robots playing this live :) COOL! Thx for the remix FB!! -k
Thu, Oct 4 3:40 PM KCentric review of "Forecast" by cdk
I like this one man... it's DOPE! I actually started vibing too it. downl...
Thu, Oct 4 3:28 PM KCentric review of More With Less (Digital Revolution) by Sascha Burghard
Wow! This is pretty cool. thanks for the remix, -k
Sat, Sep 8 5:49 PM KCentric review of That Sound - (keep on smoking mix) by cdk
This is DOPE J! I LOVE IT! It's definitely my kind of vibe... I'm on a mus...
Sun, Aug 12 2:34 PM KCentric review of Shadow Games( Radio Mix) by Loveshadow
Absolutely FLAWLESS production!! This is GREAT work Loveshadow. Wonderful....
Fri, Aug 3 5:36 AM KCentric review of Hip Hop by teru
Dope mixture man!!
Thu, Aug 2 3:38 PM KCentric review of Lemme B Me - Ego's Revolution remix by businari
Great 2 meet u 2 businari :) There is alot going on in this track but I'm su...
Fri, Jul 13 11:34 AM KCentric review of Lemme B Me by LiquidEyes
Not bad at all Liquid Eyes... ;) This track is a bit tricky as far as the tim...
Thu, Jul 5 5:49 AM KCentric review of Madrugada - cdk mix by cdk
I love the vibe of this track cdk. It's definitely on point and you don't ne...
Thu, Jul 5 5:47 AM KCentric review of Digital Revolution by illusivemind
Very nice IM!!! I'm feelin it man. -k
Sun, Jun 24 8:12 AM KCentric review of Rock Song by cdk
This is a really GREAT track man! Sounds like a JB TV/film soundtrack. I...
Mon, Jun 4 6:15 AM KCentric review of MX by grapes
This is sooooo UK Urban Chic! I'm diggin this track plus I love dat girl's v...
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