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Reviews left by KCentric

Mon, Oct 13 11:33 AM KCentric review of I Make Music by wellman
Cool beans Thanks for the mix wellman :-) peace 2 Santo Domingo!!! -k
Mon, Sep 22 3:44 PM KCentric review of KCentric Mini Mix by yellowjacket_osx
Call me vain but I really dig this MIX ;-) It's a cool mashup of the 3 songs...
Mon, Sep 15 8:27 PM KCentric review of Brad's Vybe by MC Jack in the Box
This is HOT Jax! A great combination of Brad and Vybe! EXCELLENT WORK!
Thu, Sep 4 7:55 AM KCentric review of Late Mushroom (rewind me) by cdk
It's the return of the great cdk! It's always good to hear your stuff! T...
Sat, Aug 9 10:43 AM KCentric review of HUSH rmx (KCentric) by SYNTHETICS
Thanks 4 adding your HUSH remix to the mixter. I'm still grooving to this on...
Sat, Aug 9 10:40 AM KCentric review of Dedication Meets Hesitation (mashup) by Meat_Raffle
Cool beans! Thanks for the remix... -k
Sun, Jun 29 8:26 AM KCentric review of THIS IS OUR MUSIC (Thruewiddit mix) by duckett
duck man you NAILED this dude! I love it when the music takes the vocals to a...
Sat, Jun 28 6:33 AM KCentric review of GO WIT ME (FORENSIC MIX) by FORENSIC
this is DOPE FORENSIC!!! I'm always honored when a fellow hip-hopper blesses ...
Sat, Jun 28 6:28 AM KCentric review of Come with me to Istanbul by murat ses
If it sounds like this in Istanbul I'm definitely coming with you. :-) Funky...
Thu, May 8 2:57 PM KCentric review of Remix Culture Addict by shagrugge
Hip-Hop patchwork = DOPE! Long Live The Shag... :-) -K
Tue, Apr 29 4:21 PM KCentric review of Caught Your DNA. by Loveshadow
Well there ya have it... ANOTHER Loveshadow HIT! Guess that means it's time ...
Sun, Apr 13 7:34 PM KCentric review of Surreal to be so real by radiotimes
Great mashup RT... chorus does go well with Colin's spoken word piece. Thank...
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