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Reviews left by KCentric

Thu, Nov 18 4:08 PM KCentric review of Seed (the song) by Snowflake
This is so AMAZING on all levels. A very touching tribute. Kudos!
Sun, Nov 7 1:13 PM KCentric review of It Is the Hour (Get Up) by Snowflake
Fantasy meets funky. You ROCK SF!
Sun, Nov 7 1:09 PM KCentric review of Love Is What's Missing by Clarence Simpson
Love is what's missing - NOT! It sounds like you put a lot of love in this t...
Sat, Oct 2 11:55 AM KCentric review of Goodbye (Wells Fargo) by Snowflake
GREAT songs come from rough times. I'm sorry 2 hear about your situation.... ...
Mon, Aug 23 6:24 PM KCentric review of In Their Own Words by MC Jack in the Box
A very cool cornucopia of sound JAX!
Mon, Aug 23 6:23 PM KCentric review of Funk ASCAP by yellowjacket_osx
Always a treat YJ ;-) Great Work!
Mon, Aug 23 6:19 PM KCentric review of Wake up and get into the groove by J.Lang
Nice Work Lang! You are the man MAAAAN! -k
Thu, Aug 19 4:53 PM KCentric review of Hopeful by Snowflake
This is pretty AWESOME! Great Work
Wed, Apr 21 7:42 AM KCentric review of SUMMER RAIN by murat ses
Gotta love a Murat Ses track! :-) Good Job my friend...
Wed, Apr 21 7:38 AM KCentric review of Gifted People (This Place For Me Mix) by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
I see the title.. so I'm like ok it's Chilla let me check this one out. I'm so g...
Sat, Mar 27 9:55 AM KCentric review of M.A.Y.B.E. by Budapest BluesBoy
Cinematic is correct and I feel the Dune vibe definitely! VERY NICE! Peace, ...
Sat, Mar 27 9:52 AM KCentric review of Getaway Deconstructed by MC Jack in the Box
Pretty DOPE beat there buddy ;-) I'm loving it (starting download now) p...
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