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Reviews left by KCentric

Thu, Mar 29 10:13 PM KCentric review of dedicated by ASHWAN
Defintely a SLICK vibe to this one! Thx Ashwan, I'm feelin this! -k
Mon, Mar 26 4:11 PM KCentric review of Meltdown by Stab
I wish I were a fly on the wall in your studio to watch you create this VERY coo...
Sun, Mar 25 9:16 AM KCentric review of Dedicated (good life mix) by oldDog
Cool man... I like what u did in this mix! This is pretty clever and it wo...
Sat, Mar 24 8:11 AM KCentric review of Dedicated (nobody told me mix) by DJ BLUE
I love the intro, 21pele chorus, and fx ! Another 5 remix from DJ BLUE!!! ...
Fri, Mar 23 3:28 PM KCentric review of Dedicated (cdk mix) by cdk
That's EXACTLY why you are on my favorites list :) You are serious come down...
Fri, Mar 23 10:01 AM KCentric review of February in London by oldDog
Excellent!!! I love the feel of this track. You matched her perfectly. -...
Thu, Mar 22 9:04 PM KCentric review of ccMixterman by teru
GREAT teru!!! I was hoping someone would get it. You got it EXACTLY.. I...
Thu, Mar 22 7:53 AM KCentric review of Biodrift by DJ BLUE
This is a really nice tune!!! Ambient Hip-hop Music... hmmm! -k
Wed, Mar 21 5:23 PM KCentric review of "Layla Jones" by Ghost_k (Ghost Kollective)
Ghost _k! I digs alot!!! boy that Great work guys, -k
Wed, Mar 21 5:20 PM KCentric review of Dedicated (Why Can't We Not Be Somber? Remix) by Sawtooth
I hear where u were going on this one. Cool! I deleted the pella to make som...
Sun, Mar 18 6:34 PM KCentric review of Rainha do Sol - F-Stereo 2007 remix by FuriousStereo
I really dig this little ditty :) Refreshing, -k
Sun, Mar 18 6:31 PM KCentric review of I Wonder What I'll Do Today by tacet
What a surprise.... very nice! Good work. -k
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