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Sat, Feb 24 10:34 AM KCentric review of Diversity by MC Jack in the Box
I won't knoock out ;) it's diversity! thx jax for the remix. -k
Sat, Feb 24 10:29 AM KCentric review of Unofficial (Storm Demons Mix) by CptCrunch
Dark and spacey... very interesting combo. thx for the remix! -k
Sat, Feb 24 10:23 AM KCentric review of Calendargirl - January (Mumblemix) by Incoherent Mumble Train
I feel the love on this Mumblemix! A Cool track indeed... -k
Thu, Feb 22 8:14 PM KCentric review of So Official - The Official Bootleg remix by J.Lang
Man you guys keep comin with it!!! Very cool vibe on this one J.Lang. Thx...
Sat, Feb 17 11:06 PM KCentric review of SpaceAgeTrip by Citizen Nyx
I'm trippin all over again.... thx CN for the remix! -k
Sat, Feb 17 7:33 AM KCentric review of So Official (viente uno mix) by DJ BLUE
This is definitely radio ready BLUE! Very funky I love 21pele on the chor...
Sat, Feb 17 7:28 AM KCentric review of So Official (non-official mix) by teru
Oh yeah I'm diggin this one Teru... 1 loop is all you need buddy. Real nic...
Tue, Feb 13 9:37 AM KCentric review of ditto ditto by ditto ditto
Ditto welcome to ccMixter This is a well produced track! This should DEFI...
Thu, Feb 1 7:55 AM KCentric review of I Think I See Sound by J.Lang
And he's off!!! Real cool JL! Underground vibe 4 sure!
Mon, Jan 29 10:04 AM KCentric review of "Stop" (blue mix) by Ghost_k (Ghost Kollective)
This is really good stuff. It has a slick and mysterious vibe. I could e...
Sun, Jan 14 12:34 PM KCentric review of Mega Colaboration - Welcome to Mixter by cdk
Pretty cool cdk! I know this mix took some time. Great job.
Sat, Jan 13 8:27 PM KCentric review of I Wonder by teru
Wow Teru! great stuff man. I now knight thee Sir Funky Teru:) Love the g...
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