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Reviews left by KCentric

Sun, Aug 27 10:16 AM KCentric review of two hold by penston
I really like this song alot. I could see and hear this one on CSI.
Sun, Aug 27 10:05 AM KCentric review of Ophelia's Song (Vocals) by musetta
Great stuff...
Sun, Aug 27 8:41 AM KCentric review of Happy Free Year by Pitx
Outstanding..... This song feels like I'm sitting on the first row at a reall...
Tue, Aug 22 12:10 PM KCentric review of Time to Take Out the Trash (bill berry mix) by William Berry
Great stuff WB!!!
Sat, Jul 29 9:17 PM KCentric review of MARKET HACKER by Ms.Vybe
Keep hackin the market Vybe:) cool
Sat, Jul 29 8:59 PM KCentric review of Cherry Gelatin ( Feat Ms.Vybe & Clarance Boddyker) The Dirty Water Remix by J.Lang
i think u captured Ms. Vybe perfectly....
Sat, Jul 29 8:51 PM KCentric review of BOCA BOCA by ASHWAN
NICE Funky track Ashwan!
Sat, Jul 29 8:45 PM KCentric review of Bring back stereo muzicV2 by Tapsa
thx. tapsa i got it in the mix ..
Sat, Jul 29 8:39 PM KCentric review of Reminisce Coast by teru
cool stuff teru! u always come with it. i digs
Thu, Jul 27 1:33 PM KCentric review of Bring back MONO (Demo) by Tapsa
Dude this is waaaay coool.. Ya gotta upload the final mix!! Real nice Taps...
Sat, Jul 22 11:19 AM KCentric review of Eine Kleine Nacht Muzick by MC Jack in the Box
Pretty cool!! very fluid and musical... nice
Tue, Jul 18 5:23 PM KCentric review of Desaprendere by minimal_art
GREAT work minimal art! Nice!!!! hitting replay again
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