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Thu, Oct 15 6:51 AM KCentric review of Dos platos y un microfono by Kruzzial
Great work! Cool vocals. Hip-Hop 4 Life!!!
Mon, Oct 12 5:11 PM KCentric review of Two Turntables and a Microphone by Kruzzial
Great job! Thanks for the remix.
Fri, May 1 10:07 AM KCentric review of Play by the rules by Allthisisthat
Pretty slick. Thanks for the mix!
Tue, Nov 18 4:47 AM KCentric review of The Ties That Bind (FuzzeDuck Mix) by duckett
Pretty cool Duck!!! I like the old school vinyl vibe. Thanks for putting me i...
Tue, Nov 18 4:39 AM KCentric review of Secretly Go Wit Me by copperhead
Great work copperhead! Feels like summer all over again. Thanks for taking time...
Sun, Nov 16 2:57 PM KCentric review of Mauerspechte (the light) ditto ditto by ASHWAN
ASHWAN in the place to be!!! What's up man? It's great hearing some of my fav...
Sun, Nov 16 2:10 PM KCentric review of Rats Are Back (Dunky Different) by 7OOP3D
WOW!!! You rock 700P3D! Great work. Time to check out your catalog my friend....
Sun, Nov 16 2:04 PM KCentric review of My Audio Wake Up by teru
Absolutely Brilliant! I love everything about this one. Kudos Teru. Happy An...
Sun, Nov 16 2:01 PM KCentric review of This by morgantj
Very cool morgantj!
Sun, Nov 16 1:57 PM KCentric review of Life with CDK by copperhead
Way to go Copperhead!!! Awesome work. I can hear/see this on the BIG SCREEN...
Sun, Nov 16 1:54 PM KCentric review of I And I by Alex
Great work Alex! I love it! Kinda feels like Guru and those cool Jazzmataz album...
Sun, Nov 16 1:50 PM KCentric review of Climb Out of this World of Insanity by debbizo
Nice work debbizo!
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