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In Peace

uploaded: Thu, Sep 22, 2011 @ 11:22 PM last modified: Thu, Sep 22, 2011 @ 11:51 PM  (add)
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Special thanks to Kara for helping me on the lines that were stuck.

I hope someone will do a remix with 4 in the floor kick drum! While this preview sounds like a ballad with just the piano, I hear it like some sort of pop song in my head. :/

For the children.

In Peace

Don’t want to be afraid
Hard not to hesitate
But we can’t wait
To be the change

It’s not too late
Free from hate
Think of the future that we could create
Face the facts today
There’s a better way
Take one step back and say
There’s a better way

Like a tree
Rooted in peace
In peace, in peace

One with all living things
One life-heart beating
With Soul Being
Higher mind seeing
Our one world is breathing
With you and me
In Harmony
Our destiny is

To peace like a tree
Growing up free
In peace, peace
In peace, peace

No more deforestation
Restore before ocean pollution
To every nation
Be the solution

Like a tree
Rooted in peace
Growing up free
Rooted in peace
In peace, in peace
In peace, in peace
In peace, in peace
In peace

key of D

most chords are D Maj9 and A maj with a C# over F# now and then for good measure. one of the simplest chord structures ever :)

"In Peace"
by Snowflake

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