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Kandy Kain

uploaded: Tue, Dec 21, 2021 @ 12:45 PM
byKandy Flipper
FeaturingAndrewMuecke, Fireproof_Babies, smilingcynic, Fonazza-Stent, pingnews, Admiral Bob, SackJo22, Duco, Abstract Audio, Speck, Anacrusis Ansa, nSomnia, milkdaddy, stellarartwars, cassiejenson, Tenny, Ece, Kara Square, Zenboy1955, marcoraaphorst, cornfield, Subliminal, My Free Mickey, Benjamin Orth, @CrazyLittleAsian, Javolenus, panu, Stefan Kartenberg, Frank Yola, duckett, Andrew Wainwright, Team Smile and Nod, reiswerk
Recommends (11)
AndrewMuecke - breakbeat
Fireproof_Bbies - breakbeat
smilingcynic - breakbeat
Fonazza-Stent - percussion loops, bass lines, synth shot ,synth line, pad shot
ping news - percussion loop
Admiral Bob - percussion loop, bass line
SackJo22 - vocals “will oyu be a comet..” “yeah yeah”
Duco - vocal “pandemonim”
Abstract Audio - synth line, bass lines, vocal chop loine, acid line, acidbass line
Speck - scrape sound for techno shot
Anacursis Ansa - vocal shot
nSomnia - synth line
milk daddy - vocals “yes…” “one more time…” choirsynth pad
stellar artwars - synth line
cassiejenson - voclas “ooh.” “dobaloobee doo”
Tenny -vocal chop line
audio (Ece - vocals “breakdown”
Kara Square - beatbox loop
Zenboy1955 - bass line,sweep synth,
marcoraaphorst - bass synth line
cornfeld - vocal stretch “rush”
Subliminal - choral shot
My Free Mickey - growl synth
Benjamin Orth - growl synth
@CrazyLittleAsain - vcals “rasie my head” “music takes over”
Javolenus - vocal vocoder “bass”
panu - synthpad line cut
Stefan Kartenberg - wah wha guitar, techno shot
Frank Yola - rap “i be going hard” and yell part
duckett - bass line
Andrew Wainwright - bass line
Team Smile and Nod - vocal “yeah”
Reiswerk - vocal yell

freesound source:
“A Sharp Lead” by SSS_Samples
licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY-3.0)

sound not listed:
“dance like nobody’s watching (ft. Abstract Audio, JLang, AnalogByNature,RJay)” by panu
licensed under Creative Commons NC-Sampling Plus

"Kandy Kain"
by Kandy Flipper

2021 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Noncommercial Sampling Plus

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