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Dance Without a Floor

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Dance Without a Floor

“Feel the space in-between; don’t fill the spaces in-between”
—Mme Snowflake
“Music, perfected, is Silence.”
—Lao Tzu

I’m not sure what I should say
‘Bout the state of this world today
But you’ve just been born
So be forewarned:
Not much here really goes OK.
And though this world is a mess
There’s something I confess:
It’s all your point of view
That’s gonna get you through
So start dancing without a floor
Hear that one-hand clap, boy,
Under the roar

They’re gonna rush you off to school
To teach you how to think by their rules
You’ll have to play it smart
And play the part
While sorting out which rules are for fools
‘Cause all they hear is sound
The Universe getting’ down
But the Silent Cosmic Joke
Is hidden between all these notes
Where it’s dancing without a floor
Check out the sign
Way behind
The Conscious Mind, boy.
Explore the Core!

You don’t get a whole lot of time
To groove between the Rhythm and Rhyme
And before you know
You’ve only halfway to go
Before you’re past that “Exit” sign.
But then, is that the end?
Some say we come back again
And others say they know
How ALL the answers go
But all you’ll get from me is
Embrace the Mystery

"Dance Without a Floor"
by Zenboy1955

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