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Something Special

uploaded: Tue, Nov 24, 2009 @ 11:36 PM last modified: Wed, Nov 25, 2009 @ 12:09 AM  (add)
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Hey folks! I know it’s been a minute but I’m back. Hopefully, for while! I was going thru my files, trying to get my ducks in a row for some recording when I came across this little gem! I and a female friend of mine were going thru our own personal nonsense at the time (not with each other…) and this song came out of the experiences. My apologies for the lead with a delay on it but that’s how it was found. This definitely was done before I realized that clean was the better way to go. I hope you like it & I can’t wait to hear what the wonderful world of CCMixter can do with this. Easy…

by fhciii

Now I know it’s hard 2 believe, baby
How this could all B pretend
U think the love is won
But then it comes undone
& All U have R memories of pain.

So U say U won’t fall again, baby
With love U won’t be concerned, no
U say it hurts too much
There’s no one left 2 trust
Your broken heart has nothing left 2 learn.

Life is gonna 2 test U, baby
& People R gonna stress U, baby
& I can only hope & pray U understand
That girl, U’re somethin’ special
It’s not a question,
Not just some suggestion
It’s the reason that I care so much
‘Cuz girl, U’re somethin’ special…

Now U can’t keep runnin’ away, babe
‘Cuz there ain’t nowhere U could ever truly hide
Would U rather live pretend
Believin’ U can’t win
& So U end up cryin’ every single night

When will U open your eyes, pretty baby?
When will U let go of your oh so foolish pride?
Can’t B afraid 2 fly
Just take a chance & try
‘Cuz all we have is what we R inside…


Sometimes I feel as if I can’t go on
But I refuse 2 give up
I find the strength 2 B strong
I know tomorrow is a brand new day
So I refuse 2 give up
I’ll find another way
Some people tell me that I lost my mind
But I refuse 2 give up
So I won’t waste my time
Sometimes I feel as if I can’t go on
But I refuse 2 give up
Yes, I refuse 2 give up

.CHORUS to Fade.

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"Something Special"
by Songboy3

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