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Mon, Feb 13 2:14 PM Analog By Nature review of Bravelove (MIDInight mash mix) by shagrugge
this is pretty cool, i have to say, this is definately one of your best. great ...
Mon, Feb 13 2:10 PM Analog By Nature review of Skydance (floatation device mix) by shagrugge
this is pretty neat, very calming, i actually felt like i was on a lake..
Mon, Feb 13 1:13 PM fourstones review of New Beat Attitude (Abox J Remix) by Abox J
I happen to love 8prime and I think this is a killer interpretation. Great! Flaw...
Mon, Feb 13 1:09 PM fourstones review of Breakdown Mustang Mix by RinkyD
Outstanding (!) first upload, dam, welcome!
Mon, Feb 13 9:57 AM shagrugge review of newhat by fx10243
FX thanks for bringing your MIDI world... FX is the #1 MIDI composer on this ...
Mon, Feb 13 9:34 AM Falik review of Bravelove (MIDInight mash mix) by shagrugge
That's some crazy stuff! Like it a lot!
Mon, Feb 13 9:29 AM shagrugge review of A Little Like Love by Falik
nice buddha bar vibe going on...I especially like the breakdowns into the crunch...
Mon, Feb 13 6:10 AM Uncool Bob review of "Look to la Luna" by Analog By Nature
lovely! composition, production & arrangement are all perfect
Mon, Feb 13 4:34 AM gurdonark review of databeat1 by Brilliant Orange Object
This minimal beat should be useful.
Mon, Feb 13 12:47 AM Tru_ski review of Whatever (Treatment) by fourstones
That track is dope!...and for the record i say, "it's like JEWELS in the sa...
Sun, Feb 12 4:36 PM gurdonark review of Whatever (Treatment) by fourstones
I think this one works--the way the guitar line has a laid-back, almost languid ...
Sun, Feb 12 1:22 PM fourstones review of debris/ice70-1-C by Brilliant Orange Object
This has happened several times now, where folks upload 5-15 separate tiny sampl...
Sun, Feb 12 5:21 AM gurdonark review of c Thing by duncan_beattie
This is lovely.
Sat, Feb 11 10:49 PM gurdonark review of pt. 3 (instrumental) by Analog By Nature
I like this. I like it so well I may even try to add a vocal, provided, of cours...
Sat, Feb 11 10:31 PM fourstones review of pt. 3 (instrumental) by Analog By Nature
and a hooka god I hate to say this but it looks like the key problems were ...
Sat, Feb 11 10:15 PM fourstones review of High-tech Hunger by gurdonark
deep. I wanted to give this a 4, then a 5, then a 4, then I realized I'm going t...
Sat, Feb 11 3:22 PM shockshadow review of Episode 7 by Ben Shewmaker
wow. that's all i can say. this track is absolutely beautiful. i think you've...
Sat, Feb 11 3:15 PM shockshadow review of Episode 2 by Ben Shewmaker
got lots of potential on this one. i'd use a dual oscillator with some detune o...
Sat, Feb 11 3:10 PM shockshadow review of Troposphere by Ben Shewmaker
Very nice composition. The bell sequences are really captivating. I'd try to s...
Sat, Feb 11 8:11 AM J9 review of Make it Sound Funky by teru
I only write reviews if something really steals my attention. I must commend you...
Sat, Feb 11 6:56 AM gurdonark review of C@c by Danny Van Der Loy
I liked the beats on this piece. As a movie accompaniment, I imagine that more v...
Sat, Feb 11 6:23 AM gurdonark review of State of the Union by PorchCat
The piano really fits well here with the samples. The lights beats work quite we...
Fri, Feb 10 6:41 PM fubamgo review of pt. 3 (instrumental) by Analog By Nature
alcohol & whipped cream
Fri, Feb 10 6:19 PM Analog By Nature review of Mysterious Mirror by PorchCat
pretty cool
Fri, Feb 10 2:49 PM Tru_ski review of Skyt-zo-fren-ix by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
this feels like the good times when i was a tru b-boy!....i know i'm late on it....
Fri, Feb 10 2:38 PM Tru_ski review of Midnight Pumpkins by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
slick biddness!...thats hard my man...
Fri, Feb 10 2:19 PM OakHonour review of Sound From Our Souls by Minus Kelvin
This is a masterpiece, I love it!
Fri, Feb 10 3:32 AM fourstones review of M.U.S.T.A.N.G. [lo tag blanco mix] by lo tag blanco
DAM BOYYY! I'm putting together a all cc-funk podcast, this just made the playli...
Fri, Feb 10 3:28 AM fourstones review of It's all in your mind by Analog By Nature
wow, definitely funky breaks! dam c, awesome!!
Fri, Feb 10 3:25 AM fourstones review of more down by penston
I'm really liking your stuff the last few weeks. This is a download for me.