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Reviews left by urmymuse

Sun, Jul 29 8:13 AM urmymuse review of Sweetie Pie (Apoxode Mix) by Apoxode
Really excellent treatment
Sun, Jul 29 8:07 AM urmymuse review of Open Your Eyes, Paint the Sky by Ivan Chew
Very sweet understated mix Ivan, guitar sounds fab
Tue, Jul 24 12:16 PM urmymuse review of I'll Wait by Tarida Gaol
Really excellent mix ! agree this should av been ed picked
Mon, Jul 23 11:56 AM urmymuse review of Rescue Me (Instrumental) by Aussens@iter
That seven string singing really well
Mon, Jul 23 11:54 AM urmymuse review of Shifting Steel by Zep Hurme
Funky fab-tastic
Mon, Jul 23 11:45 AM urmymuse review of La mort du serpent (Mix 2018) by Bluemillenium
Atmospheric ... love it
Mon, Jul 23 11:38 AM urmymuse review of Mediodía azul by texasradiofish
Super cool gtr tone great
Mon, Jul 23 11:33 AM urmymuse review of Thinking About You 150 by Apoxode
You make it sound so easy :)
Mon, Jul 23 11:30 AM urmymuse review of Tuesday with Sally and Dylan by Radioontheshelf
Welcome to ccmixter ! Impressive vocals somewhat disturbing lyrics!
Tue, Jul 10 3:15 PM urmymuse review of Love Like The Shifting Sun by spinningmerkaba
Fab fab fab ... wonderfully quirky ... really good
Tue, Jul 10 3:06 PM urmymuse review of 76deep remixes mykleanthony by 76deep
Heavy heavy heavy ... beat it with a stick ... love it !
Tue, Jul 10 12:28 PM urmymuse review of Healing Me by Admiral Bob
b minor works well very deft mix ! guitar work fab
Tue, Jul 10 12:19 PM urmymuse review of Rêve de l'océan by Bluemillenium
Lovely mix, spatial , oceanic :)
Tue, Jul 10 12:09 PM urmymuse review of What You Looking For by mykleanthony
Nice smooth sound !
Tue, Jul 10 12:05 PM urmymuse review of Wash of Blue by Admiral Bob
Great song done in super fast time Thanks for keeping the no mixter left behin...