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Moonlight Out of the Sky

uploaded: Sun, Sep 13, 2020 @ 2:12 AM last modified: Sun, Sep 13, 2020 @ 2:14 AM  (add)
byDown With Ben
FeaturingThat Crazy Little Asian, State Shirt
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When I read that for this secret mixter we should “translate nature’s calling into song,” I admit that my first inclination was to attempt something in the same vein as this timeless anthem from Bad Lip Reading. But after listening to That Crazy Little Asian’s touching ode to her father, I thought it best to go in a different direction. People had already remixed her other ‘pellas, so I felt drawn to do something with Moonlight. Besides, fireflies and moonlight both illuminate the night, so it was probably meant to be. :)

A quick note on the production. DoKashiteru’s remix of State Shirt’s Fell Out Of The Sky was a big influence (oldie but goodie). It’s been a constant presence on my personal playlist, and I knew right away that I wanted to use the sounds from that track. Unfortunately, DoKashiteru did not publish his stems. So, rather than simply incorporate ready-made loops and samples, (my normal go-to), I found myself creating instrumentals from scratch, including an emulation of DK’s piano loops. I spent way too much time trying to get those keys right. On the plus side, if anybody else out there loves DK’s piano keys as much as I do, well now you can download my version of them right here. My gift to you. You’re welcome.

Also, as Moonlight deals with loss, I made an attempt to musically represent the different stages of grief in the composition.

I’ve been away from ccmixter way too long. It’s good to come back and see familiar faces on here. Y’all rock.

Contents of ZIP Archive: Piano and Strings

  • /moonlight out of sky remix render #2 [track 08] - Piano 4.wav (30.83MB)
  • /moonlight out of sky remix render #2 [track 09] - Piano 1.wav (30.83MB)
  • /moonlight out of sky remix render #2 [track 10] - Piano 2.wav (30.83MB)
  • /moonlight out of sky remix render #2 [track 11] - Piano 3.wav (31.25MB)
  • /moonlight out of sky remix render #2 [track 17] - Hall Strings.wav (30.83MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Bass Stems

  • /moonlight out of sky remix render #2 [track 12] - Soft Easy Bass.wav (30.83MB)
  • /moonlight out of sky remix render #2 [track 13] - Asphalt Mirage 2.wav (32.51MB)
  • /moonlight out of sky remix render #2 [track 14] - Asphalt Mirage 1.wav (32.51MB)
  • /moonlight out of sky remix render #2 [track 16] - Main Bass.wav (30.83MB)
  • /moonlight out of sky remix render #2 [track 18] - Saw Bass.wav (30.83MB)

"Moonlight Out of the Sky"
by Down With Ben

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Editorial pick

Breathtaking, heart-opening and just utterly beautiful. The artful production of Down with Ben wrapped around Crazy Little Asian’s airy, vulnerable lyrics reminds us — it will be ok. A must listen.


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