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Warlock (High On Mana)

uploaded: Sun, Sep 13, 2020 @ 3:52 AM last modified: Mon, Sep 14, 2020 @ 7:34 AM  (add)
FeaturingMana Junkie, snowflake, stellarartwars
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Good day girls and boys…

What a delight: Another Secret Mixter with Mana Junkie as assignment! If we counted properly, it is the third time.

We stretched our existing pool of Mana Junkie resources already a bit last time so we just sourced new material from recent releases and spiced it up with contributions from Snowflake and stellarartwars.
At one time we dropped in a file from Mana Junkies “Theme from Looped on Drugs” and realised it was the bass-line from an old track of ours named “Drugs of Choice”. Recursive remixing somehow - it matched so we kept it in with a grin.

It is an instrumental track, with a strong leaning towards drums and beats, using vocal parts as pad sounds for some harmony and other experimental trickery. A rather short but free and intensive ride in the 7OOP3D amusement park.

With luv from Hamburg

P.S.: Now updated with stems!

Contents of ZIP Archive: Stems 01

  • /Stems01/BASS - DX7.flac (5.74MB)
  • /Stems01/BASS - Massive.flac (3.44MB)
  • /Stems01/BASS - MJ - 7OOP3D Drugged Relooped.flac (4.93MB)
  • /Stems01/DRUMS - MJ - DrumLoop DnBich Full.flac (3.93MB)
  • /Stems01/DRUMS - MJ - Not_Hearing_Myself_on_the_Radio_2.flac (5.63MB)
  • /Stems01/DRUMS - MJ - The_Mobil_Incident_3.flac (2.79MB)
  • /Stems01/GRP Drums.flac (22.57MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Stems 02

  • /Stems02/AMB - MJ - Who_Are_U_(with_Rob_Walker_Poet)_1.flac (1.89MB)
  • /Stems02/BASS - MS20 7OOPsupport.flac (1.46MB)
  • /Stems02/DRMFX - MJ - Squelchy Seq (R).flac (5.75MB)
  • /Stems02/DRUMS - MJ - Bucket_List.flac (3.97MB)
  • /Stems02/FX - Vox FX.flac (6.21MB)
  • /Stems02/GUIT - Lead (R).flac (3.08MB)
  • /Stems02/GUIT - MJ Mobile mit Massensaturierungsanlage.flac (4.66MB)
  • /Stems02/GUIT - Riddim (R).flac (3.34MB)
  • /Stems02/LEAD - Glockorquant.flac (5.07MB)
  • /Stems02/PAD - Bassfurche (R).flac (7.20MB)
  • /Stems02/PAD - Prophat.flac (5.88MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Stems 03

  • /Stems03/DRUMS - MJ -Not_Hearing_Myself_on_the_Radio.flac (1.53MB)
  • /Stems03/PAD - CreamySolina.flac (6.47MB)
  • /Stems03/SYN - BimmelSeq.flac (11.18MB)
  • /Stems03/VOX - Emily - Stretched OctUp.flac (2.25MB)
  • /Stems03/VOX - Emily - Stretched.flac (2.60MB)

"Warlock (High On Mana)"
by 7OOP3D

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