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Admiral Bob (admiralbob77):
Sun, Jun 4 2:50 AM Announcements :: Launching Mixterplus
Yes I noticed this too. How did AB and Airtone find the mix? I can see it in my...
Sat, Jun 3 6:29 AM Announcements :: Launching Mixterplus
102 uploads and counting... Radioontheshelf has turned up, remixed... but doe...
Tue, May 23 8:37 AM Announcements :: Launching Mixterplus
A playlist question: do playlists hide one's own contributions - or am I just no...
Sat, May 13 8:23 AM The Big OT :: Peter Gabriel on the future of AI: 'We might as well just grab the algorithms and dance with them, rather than fight them'
I’m sure most of us have played around with this tech by now, and it certainly...
Sat, May 13 8:06 AM The Big OT :: Where have all the critics gone?
From my perspective, I am far more taken by what people accomplish as artists th...
Mon, Apr 26 4:43 AM DIY :: Admiral Bob's blues workshops
Episode ii: tone, continued.
Sat, Apr 24 7:37 AM DIY :: Admiral Bob's blues workshops
Admiral Bob's blues workshops: Episode I - tone, drama, and dynamics https://...
Wed, Jan 6 5:48 PM Announcements :: We Stand for Peace and Democracy
Thank you.
Sat, Nov 28 10:55 AM Announcements :: Come Together Secret Mixter
Pretty much no way to do that without spoiling the surprise unfortunately. The s...
Mon, Nov 23 8:17 PM Announcements :: Come Together Secret Mixter
They did this just down the road from me in Montreal.
Sat, Sep 12 6:54 AM Announcements :: Firefly Secret Mixter Event
Tue, May 5 11:29 AM The Big OT :: Win mics with a remix
I saw this and figured some people around here are uniquely suited to this littl...
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