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Reviews left by Tom_Ena

Fri, Nov 12 3:21 PM Tom_Ena review of Safe? (pornographic perverts) by Snowflake
Very topical (and beautifully sung, as always) :) I have to confess: I'd be rem...
Fri, Nov 12 1:37 PM Tom_Ena review of Eine Kleine Nacht Riffing by MC Jack in the Box
Grizzly was just saying that he was missing the drums on the source :) :)
Fri, Nov 12 1:30 PM Tom_Ena review of Don't Stiff Me, Bro! by Admiral Bob
Ok, that was a very unexpected treatment of the melody :) I can't (hopefully on...
Sun, Nov 7 2:30 PM Tom_Ena review of 260809 Funky Nurykabe by spinningmerkaba
This is the kind of music I'd like to be on a stage with a band performing!
Sun, Nov 7 10:49 AM Tom_Ena review of What are you going to do/ Happy Mix. by J.Lang
Great accentuation of the underlying work without getting in the way in the slig...
Sun, Nov 7 10:47 AM Tom_Ena review of Vocal Stems- Happy (Team Smile and Nod) by Kara Square
Missed this when it came out but found it when it got mixed in secret mixter. Gr...
Sun, Nov 7 10:43 AM Tom_Ena review of Tumbling Dice by Kara Square
After a slow start - I was a little bit "what, just reading words and some bells...
Sun, Nov 7 6:31 AM Tom_Ena review of Love Is What's Missing by Clarence Simpson
Great track! I tried hard to think of criticisms but the only real one I can ...
Sun, Nov 7 6:06 AM Tom_Ena review of If I by Blake
Insanely well polished!
Sun, Nov 7 5:58 AM Tom_Ena review of Rotsparks by Lars J. Brouwer
I like the shifty (meaning fast-moving, can't grab onto the melody too hard beca...
Sun, Nov 7 5:42 AM Tom_Ena review of Winter Mask by Grizzly616
With about 5 of the most interesting remixes I went back to the source material ...
Sun, Nov 7 5:06 AM Tom_Ena review of A cat! On the porch! by DoKashiteru
So calm and relaxed... I like it!