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Reviews for "Rotsparks"

by Lars J. Brouwer
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Sun, Nov 7, 2010 @ 5:01 AM
permalink   Sun, Nov 7, 2010 @ 5:06 AM
Great use of glitch, rhythm and melody to achieve a remix that feels both unusual and right at home. I like the little hints of horn, and the way the various cuts and starts all work together.
permalink   Sun, Nov 7, 2010 @ 5:58 AM
I like the shifty (meaning fast-moving, can’t grab onto the melody too hard because it will by then be elsewhere) treatment
permalink   Sun, Nov 7, 2010 @ 6:47 AM
Urmyglitchymuse. Cool remix, LJB
permalink   Sun, Nov 7, 2010 @ 6:49 AM
I love those glitches. This insane one is treated very well. Respect, Lars!
permalink   Sun, Nov 7, 2010 @ 8:06 AM
glitch glistening greatness!!
Abstract Audio
permalink   Mon, Nov 8, 2010 @ 3:27 AM
Great beat treatments. I love how kept the glitch an easy listening.
permalink   Tue, Nov 9, 2010 @ 11:13 AM
One of the great things about the secret mixer process is the musical suprises / challenges it brings. Its really interesting to hear how you have taken samples from my melodic musings and reinvented them as this very effective abstract piece. Also it has given my an idea for a future remix of my own, so thanks and long live the glitch.
permalink   Lars J. Brouwer Tue, Nov 9, 2010 @ 11:43 AM
Thanks everyone for the reviews :)!
permalink   Sat, Nov 13, 2010 @ 4:02 PM
Really creative use of the samples, turning them into something else completly. Glitch-o-tastic! Bravo!