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Sun, Nov 15 1:56 PM rewired review of Fever by Snowflake
To cut a long story short: WOAH! A really awesome rework of our stems. Voice is...
Sun, Jun 17 11:26 AM rewired review of Cold Caller (Vo1k1 Poem Mix) by vo1k1
Phew. Awesome huge one! Chapeau.
Sun, Feb 12 1:16 AM rewired review of Stay In Key by Magic Mann
Execellent. I guess the ccmixter-community will really appreciate if you would s...
Sun, Nov 20 12:25 AM rewired review of Occupy (your mind) by Snowflake
Dense concrete. Awesome mix.
Sun, Nov 20 12:14 AM rewired review of Ave by Alex
I like the gritty drums. They play nice with the acoustic instruments.
Sat, Aug 20 12:59 AM rewired review of In Muzik by Alex
Awesome! This piece is hot like the coffee I almost spilled on my keys, caused b...
Thu, Mar 31 8:49 PM rewired review of Hero by Jeris
This piece is definitely dope, man! Those cool tiny artifacts and moving things ...
Tue, Mar 29 7:28 AM rewired review of Don't Stop 3D by Abstract Audio
Thank you for being the hotseat-remixer for us! Cool tune in such a short time....
Sun, Mar 27 9:04 PM rewired review of Simply Yes by Mana Junkie
Cool one. Chapeau!
Sat, Mar 26 11:48 PM rewired review of No Más Secretos by Alex
Yay! This one is pure energy. I love it!
Wed, Dec 29 7:17 AM rewired review of Surprise Me by Alex
great groove. excellent production!
Tue, Dec 28 7:20 PM rewired review of c4n - The Strange Sunrise by c4n
This one rawks!
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