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Sun, Nov 7 8:59 PM rewired review of 260809 Funky Nurykabe by spinningmerkaba
This piece is dope! Great skills!
Sun, Nov 7 7:05 AM rewired review of Smoke & Lights by boomaga
10 points for the cheesy 8bit sound. Reminds me of the old C64/Amiga-Times. Cool...
Sun, Nov 7 7:02 AM rewired review of Love Is What's Missing by Clarence Simpson
Really a great build up. Things are comming together and in the other moment the...
Sun, Nov 7 6:58 AM rewired review of A cat! On the porch! by DoKashiteru
Relaxing deluxe!
Sun, Nov 7 6:56 AM rewired review of Unleash by AT
Wow man! This one kicks ass! Some strange mixture of the early Delerium and soft...
Sun, Nov 7 6:50 AM rewired review of Winter Mask by Grizzly616
Great groove in this track. I really like this one.
Sun, Nov 7 6:49 AM rewired review of Rotsparks by Lars J. Brouwer
I love those glitches. This insane one is treated very well. Respect, Lars!
Sun, Nov 7 6:46 AM rewired review of Colab / No Masks by panu
Crazy shit! Wow. Chapeau, Mr. Moon!
Sun, Nov 7 6:42 AM rewired review of If I by Blake
Outstanding! This one is truly very well produced. Great one man!
Sun, Nov 7 12:35 AM rewired review of It Is the Hour (Get Up) by Snowflake
I can't stop stomping with my feets. Great tune to dance to!
Sun, Nov 7 12:28 AM rewired review of Oh Ma Belle by Admiral Bob
I really agree with SackJo - your voice fits this music. Great track!
Wed, Nov 4 12:14 PM rewired review of Rewired "In My Dreams" (Musetta RMX) by musetta
Yep - great idea. I've got the clue, finally. Very nice beat. Respect.
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