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Occupy (your mind)

uploaded: Sun, Nov 20, 2011 @ 12:17 AM last modified: Mon, Nov 21, 2011 @ 10:31 PM  (add)
FeaturingBasematic, DJ Sapient, Josh Londono, spinningmerkaba
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I was so happy to draw Basematic — he’s been helping me with a side project for over a year now, and I’m the one slowing it up. He’s done some amazing remixes of my pells and I’m truly grateful. I loved working with his loops and samples!

I met rappers/musicians/producers DJ Sapient and Josh Londono at Occupy San Diego and not long after they rapped in our live set of Strike the Root for Libertopia. They shared these pells with me and we recorded a bit in my studio specifically for this Secret Mixter. Special thanks to spinningmerkaba for laying down some awesome crunchy electric guitar to make my parts sound much improved!

This track was very challenging and I’ve had a lot of issues trying to get the bass levels & EQ to sound as thumping as they do in my mixing speakers everywhere else. Thanks for listening!


Occupy your mind occupy

This news should not come as surprise
See the shackles around your ankles
If you stop and open your eyes

Systemic oppression pressed us into the streets
With poignant signs bobbing overhead to the beat
Acute angles aimed to marginalize protests of corporate greed
So we sit circled pondering how to proceed

LLCs posting record profits in the billions
Leeching hundreds of dollars from deprived civilians
We re-educated without lines of socioeconomic crimes
We re-occupy the minds cast off everyone buying us

On the positive side
How do we ensure democracy survives
After we yank the knives out of Lady Liberty’s sides
Do what they do at the occupy
As the people’s mic citizen’s voices amplify
Reduce big government in size
Stop the corruption
The fed is lethal to the flag and the eagle
The fed is lethal

I’m going to pray for all our sakes
We’re moving away from our mistakes
Starting today we’ll make it right
Stand with your Soul tonight

Open your eyes

Most post modern politicians
Suck us like a virus
Direct democracy in its infancy
Slapping smiles across our faces
With unanimity we create our own policy
Restoring confidence in the human race
Bi-camera politics are senseless
So we work with consensus
Step to horn where fallacious arguments
Find yourself defenseless

"Occupy (your mind)"
by Snowflake

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Creative Commons
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