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Sat, Jul 7 11:35 PM Ivan Chew review of Shambhala (Just Imagine) by Snowflake
Love the chorus and your interpretation. Another beautiful piece from you. Tobia...
Sat, Jun 30 8:11 AM Ivan Chew review of Instrumental 1 by Siobhan Dakay
Listening to this again. It's really beautiful.
Sat, Jun 23 10:19 AM Ivan Chew review of Guitar Instrumental Stem Pack by Aussens@iter
So good. As I'm listening to this at past 1am, I can also hear the sound of ...
Fri, Jun 22 5:28 AM Ivan Chew review of Ukulele Space Metal (Instrumental) by Aussens@iter
This could be in a Tarantino movie!
Thu, May 24 9:13 AM Ivan Chew review of You Are My Home - Kara Square and Piero Peluche by Piero Peluche
The mix sounds delicious. The mastering is just top-notch to my ears.
Thu, May 24 9:07 AM Ivan Chew review of Adapt For You by Aussens@iter
Lovely guitars. And the mix is good, as usual. I love how you balance the vocals...
Sat, Apr 21 10:32 PM Ivan Chew review of Something Right by Aussens@iter
Everything that Kara said! The start seems like a 70s-inspired rock lick, and th...
Wed, Apr 11 7:40 PM Ivan Chew review of With The Look In Your Eyes by Loveshadow
Wow, this is Def Leppard!
Mon, Apr 9 7:36 AM Ivan Chew review of We Had It Goin' On by rightClk
For a moment there, I thought someone hijacked good old Mr moon's vocals. I hear...
Mon, Mar 12 7:30 PM Ivan Chew review of When the Stars Ionized the Universe by Admiral Bob
Richard "The Remix Machine" AdmiralBob does not disappoint, in both ways.
Mon, Mar 12 10:20 AM Ivan Chew review of Treeline (Chain Saw Mix) by Siobhan Dakay
All these years in ccM, this is the first time I've heard an angry panu moon! Ve...
Mon, Mar 12 4:12 AM Ivan Chew review of Midnight Temple (featuring 7OOP3D) by Beluga Ten
Mmm, strains of Vollenweider's "Down to the Moon". Very nice.
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