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Wed, Jan 9 5:32 AM Ivan Chew review of Organized Noise by Apoxode
That's an excellent backstory. Thanks for sharing!
Tue, Jan 8 6:25 AM Ivan Chew review of Blindly Love (feat Kara Square) by Derek Wright
A very nice reinterpretation of Kara's work. And I noticed almost 10 years separ...
Tue, Jan 8 6:19 AM Ivan Chew review of Space Sick by SoboSystem
Sounds trippy and cool. I find the challenge with remixes like this is that the ...
Mon, Jan 7 5:57 AM Ivan Chew review of your favourite dress by urmymuse
This is one very listenable instrument track.
Wed, Jan 2 4:47 AM Ivan Chew review of Kiss by Stefan Kartenberg
Excellent set of stems! Just what I was looking for. Thanks for this.
Sun, Dec 2 5:00 AM Ivan Chew review of Good Day With Petunia by Radioontheshelf
Bit of humour (or so it seems to me) in that stanza there. Nice lyrics and vocal...
Sun, Dec 2 4:59 AM Ivan Chew review of Good Day by Alex
Normally with nothing original to add by way of comments, I'm contented to click...
Sun, Dec 2 4:55 AM Ivan Chew review of Happy Giftday by Apoxode
Obviously I don't know all that ccM has to offer and haven't done a deep dive in...
Sun, Dec 2 4:49 AM Ivan Chew review of Stars of the Suburban Jungle by Apoxode
Mmm... somehow I can only describe this as delicious.
Sun, Dec 2 4:48 AM Ivan Chew review of Regenerating Regenerations by Speck
What? Speck going mainstream now? Oh wait... nah, still Speckish :) I'm kidding....
Thu, Sep 20 8:26 PM Ivan Chew review of just another day in america by urmymuse
Enjoyed this! Btw, would love to hear a version that ends with panu's voice goin...
Thu, Aug 16 11:58 AM Ivan Chew review of finger food by panu
And I thank you, 'mr moon', for your reviews, sharing, and musical friendship. Y...
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