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Sun, Jul 8 9:14 AM Ivan Chew review of Okay, You Win (Just for Now) by Kara Square
Brilliant idea for a duet. Very, very nicely implemented.
Sun, Jul 8 9:08 AM Ivan Chew review of Moonlight Sonata (Shifting Sun Mix) by Speck
This track proves I'm no purist.
Sun, Jul 8 9:04 AM Ivan Chew review of LAST DAZE by Robbero
I realised you sampled and created this from a one fully mixed down track. Geniu...
Sun, Jul 8 8:57 AM Ivan Chew review of Hope Is A Dangerous Thing (Vo1k1 Mix) by vo1k1
The piano & guitars drew me in, only to then blow me away with the vocals.
Sun, Jul 8 8:54 AM Ivan Chew review of Mathilde (bleu) by Siobhan Dakay
Three different stems from three different musicians. Very impressive. This soun...
Sun, Jul 8 4:54 AM Ivan Chew review of Foreboding by gurdonark
The last stanza of your track worked especially well, imo. I like the discordant...
Sun, Jul 8 4:36 AM Ivan Chew review of mmmmm - shifting sun by urmymuse
To my ears, Scomber's vocals match very well with your blend of guitar sounds.
Sun, Jul 8 4:28 AM Ivan Chew review of solar fractal by Quarkstar
Oh wow, I'm glad you're ok. I hope you're ok! This is a nice mix, btw.
Sun, Jul 8 2:39 AM Ivan Chew review of Depression Gone For Good by 7OOP3D
Poignant lyrics to begin with. This mix can easily be in any major game soundtra...
Sat, Jul 7 11:47 PM Ivan Chew review of The Beat Generation: Lenny Bruce by texasradiofish
TRF never fails to disappoint with their remixes: entertaining, and in this case...
Sat, Jul 7 11:42 PM Ivan Chew review of 76deep (Apoxode Mix) by Apoxode
This was extremely listenable, and this is coming from me who profess that rap i...
Sat, Jul 7 11:39 PM Ivan Chew review of DCOSS by onlymeith
Sounded both modern and nostalgic to my ears.
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