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Ivan Chew (ramblinglibrarian):

Reviews left by Ivan Chew

Thu, Mar 14 7:16 PM Ivan Chew review of Queen of the Night by Stefan Kartenberg
My friend thanks you, Stefan. Me too!
Thu, Mar 14 6:50 AM Ivan Chew review of Moonside Mythology by Speck
This is like the audio equivalent of a bibliography, done in a highly creative, ...
Thu, Mar 14 6:43 AM Ivan Chew review of 2016014_funkyguitarloop by greg_baumont
I can just listen to this loop all day.
Thu, Mar 14 6:40 AM Ivan Chew review of Space Flight by Imunar
Nice looping build-up. Love the layering and chord progression. Think I'll play...
Thu, Mar 14 6:34 AM Ivan Chew review of Stayin' Dynamite by Admiral Bob
Is it just me or do I hear strains of Red Hot Chili Peppers?
Thu, Mar 14 6:30 AM Ivan Chew review of Remember the Day by Stefan Kartenberg
Can I say that this is superbly radio-friendly? Oh right, I just did. You knack ...
Thu, Mar 14 6:18 AM Ivan Chew review of Slow Fade by Stefan Kartenberg
Yet another top notch production from you. Throughly enjoyable pop rock track.
Thu, Mar 7 5:58 AM Ivan Chew review of Of Secret Things by texasradiofish
TRF's remix does not disappoint (does he/ do they ever?) The creativity and ex...
Mon, Feb 4 10:07 AM Ivan Chew review of famous_last_words by panu
Very very enjoyable. Thanks to this track, I rediscovered Calling Sister Midnigh...
Thu, Jan 31 9:04 AM Ivan Chew review of Its Time by Stefan Kartenberg
Love this. I sure wish I knew how to make the bass in my mixes sound like yours....
Thu, Jan 31 9:00 AM Ivan Chew review of Wall of Sound by Apoxode
When the first note hit my ears, my first thought was "Holy Sh*t". That's all I'...
Thu, Jan 31 8:57 AM Ivan Chew review of It's Not Silly! by Speck
I seldom check out Ed-picks (oops, awkward confession here) and yours was a rath...
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