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Fri, Nov 11 12:04 PM maajonic review of Who Lives in the Moment? (Fall) by Siobhan Dakay
Beautiful! Proud of being part of this track
Fri, Jul 24 11:18 PM maajonic review of Little Boat (with Maajonic) by Mana Junkie
thank you for finding my pella and remixing it! very nice! keep it up :)
Mon, May 26 6:28 AM maajonic review of Little boat by More To Go
wow ! thank you for using my pella ! that was totally unexpected! thank you for ...
Thu, Oct 4 2:06 PM maajonic review of Heart Wide Open by Numeron
Very emotional take thank you :)
Wed, Nov 30 6:18 AM maajonic review of Little Boat by Artnowprod
love the choir love it! very cool remix!!!!
Tue, Jan 25 11:37 AM maajonic review of Will I Be Lost? by Subliminal
really cool mix i like the ending alot with the Q/A guitar vocals ! a small sync...
Tue, Jan 25 11:28 AM maajonic review of Don't Wake Me Up by Subliminal
You changed the melody to the better! I really found me in this arrangement/melo...
Fri, Oct 22 2:16 AM maajonic review of Siytek_and_John_Cane_feat_Maajonic_Little_Boat by siytek
Ok i'm utterly and literraly psyched! beautiful Job
Mon, Aug 9 6:27 AM maajonic review of Sleep Lightly by oldDog
ok I will also say its a very "dreamy" and nice song... bravo!
Mon, Aug 9 6:25 AM maajonic review of Too Young (a tribute) by Snowflake
very touching...
Mon, Aug 9 6:24 AM maajonic review of Too Young by Alex
Beautifull job guys
Wed, Jul 28 11:09 PM maajonic review of Who Will Be There? by Briareus
hey! thank you alot! i really like the backing track you created! its really sur...
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