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Tue, Sep 8 11:07 AM Tapsa review of My Little Soldier by Snowflake
Great song!! Finally I found a bluesy tune. Added to my todo list.
Wed, Dec 19 10:45 AM Tapsa review of March (Funkenstein Monstermix) by duckett
Hehe...Doctor Funkenstein meets Depeche Mode on acid!! Really nice
Wed, Dec 19 10:35 AM Tapsa review of Love of My Life [ Country Pop remix ] by AussieJohn - OneMUSICk
Really nice, emotional arrangement. Background really brings out the true feelin...
Wed, Nov 7 10:01 AM Tapsa review of Magia jíbara by Sr. Privado
Beatiful playing and arrangement. Wish, I had half of your playing skills.
Wed, Nov 7 9:09 AM Tapsa review of Magic In Your Eyes (a cappella) 89 bpm by Songboy3
Great song, beautiful harmonics! It was a pleasure to work (play) with this one...
Thu, Oct 25 10:59 AM Tapsa review of ever colour by sleeperspaceborn
Great sounds!!! Great song!!
Tue, Aug 28 1:07 PM Tapsa review of Crazy Love - 3-TPBO by The Paloseco Brazz Orchestra
WoW! Just plain awesome!!!
Tue, Aug 28 12:47 PM Tapsa review of Crazy Love(Shadow) UK2NYC by Loveshadow
Im out of words. Outstanding workmanship. Lovely, wide chord voicings, and oooo...
Mon, Aug 6 3:03 AM Tapsa review of Crazy Love (The Motorcycle Song) by Songboy3
I Loooooove...errr....motorcykles. :) Great song and performance!
Tue, Jun 12 3:00 PM Tapsa review of Crazy Love-The Alex & Lang mix by J.Lang
Great vibe! I love that reversed (sounding) guitar lick. Im working with Crazy L...
Thu, May 24 1:54 PM Tapsa review of God is Logical by norelpref
Jerry is alive???!!! ;) Great guitars and overall arrangement! You are right, I...
Tue, Mar 6 1:11 PM Tapsa review of 2012 by Snowflake
Amazing vocals.....Just amazing!! (Uploading remix now)
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