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Sun, Jan 21 7:05 AM Tapsa review of Listen, Pay Attention, Keep Your Head Up by teru
Great funky remix. 5 stars
Sun, Jan 7 10:40 AM Tapsa review of What's Your Insecurity? by MC Jack in the Box
Nice use of effects. Nice remix.
Tue, Nov 7 1:33 PM Tapsa review of Mustang Needs Discipline by MIXXIM
Yeaaahhh...Leather... ;)
Thu, Oct 26 5:06 PM Tapsa review of Dreams Of Pain by MIXXIM
Great mix and vocals. How did i miss Infra...Checking out her vox...
Tue, Aug 29 10:29 AM Tapsa review of Trifonic Blast pt.2 by cdk
Nice mood. Gives me visions... And Zep drums at the end...they rock!
Tue, Aug 22 8:49 AM Tapsa review of ghost world by Acradian Burn
As You are singer, I would suggest, that you invest on condenser mic and audio i...
Wed, Aug 16 8:24 AM Tapsa review of Nebulous Advice by Ran Dumb Dots...... .. .
Just great!
Wed, Aug 16 8:18 AM Tapsa review of Nebulous Advice - Minimal Mix by MIXXIM
Well....Perfect!! That goes also for vocals.
Wed, Aug 9 10:29 AM Tapsa review of In The Summertime by MIXXIM
Cool sounds! Makes me wanna redo my old attempt on this one ;)
Wed, Aug 9 10:26 AM Tapsa review of Sanidade(Dover Demon Remix) by DJ Kryptide
Very "tech" mix, but still sounds very organic. Nice transitions from mood to an...
Mon, Aug 7 10:29 AM Tapsa review of Tapsa and MIXXIM launching together by MIXXIM
Thank You MIXXIM. You really made it work! (Not rated)
Sat, Aug 5 12:16 PM Tapsa review of Fixing My Brain - Oh Boy Mix by MIXXIM
Loved those tight horn stabs in the middle. Hey, I liked that piano too, and fas...
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