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Sun, Jul 30 9:20 AM Tapsa review of Desaprendere - Sanidade by teru
Nice mix. Those vocals blend very well together. Once again, i am remimded, how ...
Sun, Jul 30 1:58 AM Tapsa review of Diploma (bossatronic mix) by shagrugge
Very fresh sound. Clear and open feel.
Thu, Jul 27 10:44 AM Tapsa review of What's This? by murat ses
Really nice! I love that drum loop too. Hey!....publish the whole piece, please...
Tue, Jul 25 1:15 PM Tapsa review of eat by nathanielstern
Good one. Mix is under construction ;) Bit "S" heavy though. (FYI Those s's lie ...
Sun, Jul 23 8:12 AM Tapsa review of Ghostlight by gurdonark
I have had bit of trouble "undersatanding" these sonic lanscape projects, but as...
Sun, Jul 23 8:02 AM Tapsa review of HowSoon (Nyx mix) by Citizen Nyx
Really nice, moody mix. I love sonar blips ;) n/r
Sat, Jul 22 2:15 AM Tapsa review of Muzick (A capella) by KCentric
I hear Motown, at early 60's. File downloaded ;)
Fri, Jul 21 10:29 AM Tapsa review of Wasps aint nothing to mess with by cichlidjoe waspy guitars in a very musical way. Cool piece of "art"
Fri, Jul 21 10:11 AM Tapsa review of Pretty Girls by teru
Relaxing piece of music. Pro grade
Fri, Jul 21 9:50 AM Tapsa review of América Central by Paulo Sacramento
Fri, Jul 21 3:36 AM Tapsa review of Remember The Name ( Rock Remix) - Kimmoto by Kimmoto
Cool stuff. Nice arrangement. Roaring guitars....YaY!!
Wed, Jul 19 6:45 AM Tapsa review of The Bells by MIXXIM
WoW! This mix flows like bullet train. Nice rythmic hooks...full of em' Five s...
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