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Thu, Jul 23 3:04 PM logos review of Emily by CiggiBurns
What a great choice!I really like the combination.Really good adaptation.Great v...
Wed, Jul 22 1:10 PM logos review of Black is the night (dtunez remix no2) by dtunez
Still dope man.Maybe even better now.Great remix!
Sun, Jul 19 6:02 AM logos review of Black is the night (dtunez remix) by dtunez
Great remix!Love the drums and scratches.Good beat for the vocal.Nice one
Sun, Jul 19 5:54 AM logos review of saturday interlude by beckfords
Nice.Great laidback vibe.I love the chords.Cool track
Fri, Jul 17 12:07 PM logos review of This Chain (Quester RMX of DJ Vadim feat. Sabira Jade) by DJ SID-the Apocalypze
Great remixes.I checked out both remixes.I like the wah guitar in the supa remix...
Fri, Jul 17 11:55 AM logos review of Soldier by J.Lang
Great remix.I like the reggae influences.I don't really like the vocal cause tha...
Fri, Jul 17 11:48 AM logos review of Delorean by DJ.E-State
Love it.Really good beat.I especially like the first beat.The trasition is quite...
Fri, Jul 17 11:36 AM logos review of An Infidelic Symphony. Blood, Love & Family by Loveshadow
Great i really love the instrumental part.Excellent vocals too
Fri, Jul 17 11:33 AM logos review of Move Your Body (Funk Song) by SuperslyX
Nice.Great funky remix.Good work!
Wed, Jul 1 5:27 PM logos review of Untitled 5 by teru
Wed, Jul 1 5:25 PM logos review of Ditsy's OldChild's Hard Moonlight by ditsychick6
Great drums and bass
Sun, Jun 28 6:16 AM logos review of MAGIC IN YOUR EYES d7b remix by KANTGO
Great remix!
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