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Tue, Aug 25 1:35 PM logos review of Slanted Voices by morgantj
Cool song!Love the snare and dnb type of beats.Great vocal too!
Tue, Aug 25 12:56 PM logos review of Sawtooth Jazz secrets by shagrugge
Great.Really cool sounds.The offbeat drums are nice and the organ is awesome.Coo...
Tue, Aug 25 11:54 AM logos review of LOVE IN THE CLUB-The Bootleg Secret Mixter 12 inch remix by J.Lang
Nice Mix.I like the 3rd track the most.Good work!
Sun, Aug 23 5:05 AM logos review of The Quiet Hours by Alex
Great mix.Love all the instruments and great vocals.Chill mode!
Fri, Aug 21 12:28 PM logos review of lucid dream of sleep by Speck
Great drums.Sounds like filtered taiko drums.Nice ''experimental'' sounds.
Fri, Aug 21 12:22 PM logos review of I Want To Shout Out (DJ Roach Remix) by DJRoach
Nice Mix.I like your approach.I remixed the same song a couple of days ago but i...
Fri, Aug 21 12:17 PM logos review of Small Back Room Soft Jazz Mix by unreal_dm
More Jazz!I like it alot.Great instrumental.Lots of variation.Good vocal i check...
Fri, Aug 21 12:13 PM logos review of < If.We're.Gonna.Part >The Pink Lips Mix by Loveshadow
Great!I was trying to do something like this aswell today.Very smooth and relaxi...
Fri, Aug 21 5:34 AM logos review of "Talk to me" (Sub-hop Remix) by cdk
Really cool mix.I love the bubbly sounds during the intro.The chord sweeps are a...
Fri, Aug 21 5:25 AM logos review of Otra Vez (sight mix) by gmz
Really nice instrumental i already had the version with emonic in it.Great sound...
Thu, Aug 20 10:58 AM logos review of Big Baby by CiggiBurns
Nice song.Funny lyrics too and i really dig the jazzy sounds.Good work!
Thu, Aug 20 10:46 AM logos review of Garden Of The Forking by J.Lang
Great song.Love the mood.Laidback cool rhodes and glitchy sounds.Chill!
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