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Mon, Nov 2 5:32 AM logos review of MENTAL IMAGES / ESSENTIAL ELEMENT by Bocrew
I like your take on this song...the blips are very cool
Mon, Nov 2 5:29 AM logos review of Todo amor do Mundo by shagrugge
Great song...I agree with colab The phaser sounds nice but i think it can be a b...
Thu, Oct 22 3:59 AM logos review of I WANT TO SHOUT OUT (dtunez remix) by dtunez
Great remix!
Wed, Oct 14 3:52 AM logos review of Dropping out of School by kotzintos
Great Remix.I like the guitars alot.I only think that the vocal should be louder...
Tue, Sep 8 4:46 AM logos review of Soul Scratchers by shagrugge
It must have taken you a while to get all of this together.Alot of samples but i...
Mon, Sep 7 7:30 AM logos review of Just Breath by Alex
The best remix ive heard so far.I really like the drums and electroish feel only...
Mon, Sep 7 7:22 AM logos review of Drugs of Choice by unreal_dm
Nice.I only heard the spoken word vocal.I like this version.
Thu, Sep 3 7:34 AM logos review of DUBSTAFARI by Budapest BluesBoy
Almost missed this one.Great track.Unfortunately i missed the radio show but i b...
Thu, Sep 3 7:28 AM logos review of Lully Lullay Light Jazz Mix by unreal_dm
Very nice.Great recording.Nice jazzy sounds and excellent vocal.
Thu, Sep 3 5:23 AM logos review of Aimée by turkdirty
Nice.I don't see alot of techno/minimal around here.Nice to hear it.I prefer tec...
Tue, Sep 1 8:49 AM logos review of where Do Feelings Come From? (Marley Reggae Remix) by Johnny SockHead
Nice song.The singer reminds me a bit of david byrne.different though but somehw...
Tue, Sep 1 8:47 AM logos review of Soldier (DJ Vadim) TRZ Dub Version by TRZ
really good mix.enjoyed it all the way though.I havent heard the original versio...
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